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Delete Bing History


Bing Search engine stores our activity by default but its very easy to view an delete bing history completely.

clear bing history completely

We will learn how to do it with this step by step help guide:


Clear bing history completely

    • Go to page
    • Look at the top right corner and click on te menu button(it looks like three vertical bars).

  • Then select option search history

  • Under the panel Change History Settings you can do the following:

  • Enable or disable recent searches.
  • Clear Search History by clicking on Clear All option. (if this button doesn't appear go to
  • Manage Search History to see all your recorded activity in the cloud.

If you don't see any history it is because you already delete it.


That's all, the guide is complete. If you have any doubt leave a comment below.


Bing History

In 2009 Microsoft announced changes to the history of Bing, seeking to add a couple of features but highlighting above all its position of respect for privacy, giving a step to Google for his indiscretions in this issue.

Bing will add a direct link on the homepage to the history (until now to see it you have to do a search first). When you pass the mouse over the link, you can see a list of recent, frequent searches, and three links: delete everything, see everything or turn off. The first link takes you to a page that asks to confirm to erase all your history (instead of deleting one by one, which can also be done).

The second link is quite clear, it allows you to see all the searches you have done and the links that you clicked, while the third option deactivates the history, for searches that you prefer that are not registered.

On the other hand, Microsoft reported that the searches of the history will be saved now for four weeks, in a cookie in the browser. Before they were only saved for 48 hours, although with four weeks it is still below Google, which stores them for 180 days.

Microsoft also warned that removing the file does not remove it from the standard search logs used by the company to operate and correct Bing, but said the information remains anonymous.

To top it off, the company founded by Bill Gates added that

"We have tried to build privacy and respect for your track record in the overall experience and not as something we came up with later. Many systems give us options, but little control"


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