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Clear Browsing History


As we surf the internet, our browsing data is stored by default in the internet browsing history.If we don't use a private window, all the pages visited will be in the history.


We will see in this article how to delete browsing history completely or individually  in the main internet browsers.


Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Click More. (Look at the top right of your browser).
  • Click History
  • Click Clear browsing data
  • From drop down menu select an option . To delete all browsing history , select from the beginning of time.
  • You can also select only individual data.
  • Click Delete
  • Click on Clear browsing data.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Mozilla Firefox
  • Click the Menu on the top-right of your browser
  • Click Settings.
  • Click Privacy,
  • Click Clear now.
  • Select all the options to delete and then click on Clear Data


Internet Explorer

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Click Favorite button
  • Click on the history tab,
  • Right-select any of the sites you want to delete.
  • Click on Delete.


Microsoft Edge

  • Open Microsoft Edge
  • Click on the Hub
  • Select History
  • Select Clear all history
  • Select all options and press Clear.


Depending on your browser version, menu names and options may be different. Look for the history option in the menu and then find clear o delete to erase all your browsing history.

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