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View or Delete Browsing History in Microsoft Edge


In this article we will see a step by step tutorial guide about how to view and delete browsing history in Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge like all the popular internet browsers store browsing history by default. All visited pages are saved in the browser.


  1. Open Microsoft Edge
  2. Click on the Button with three horizontal bars. On top right corner of your screen.
  3. Here you can view your Edge browsing history.
  4. You can clear individual visited pages clicking on the X on the right side of each register.
  5. You can delete all clicking on the link Clear All History. There you can select the following options: browsing history, cookies and saved website data, cached data and files, download history,  form data, passwords.
  6. Select All and then click on Clear


If we want to stop Edge saving history automatically we will select option "Always clear this when I close the browser".

We can also open a new inprivate window that will not save our activity.


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